Indoor Garden Apartment Design Ideas For Summer

Indoor Garden Apartment Design Ideas For Summer (49)

It’s no wonder gardening is growing in popularity, and is even considered a form of therapy. It’s more stress relievingthan other leisure activities and allows us to grow our own food, get closer to nature, and create our very own spaces to relax in and enjoy. If you live in an apartment without outdoor space, a garden bursting with life and abundance might feel like a faraway dream. But fear not! With these 60+ simple indoor garden ideas, you can transform even the tiniest of spaces into a slice of paradise.

Because herbs don’t need as much soil as other plants, they’re great candidates for a vertical garden, which takes up no counter space at all! Pot your herbs in aluminum cans or mason jars and use a trellis, wire rack or reclaimed woodas a base to attach them to a wall.


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