Garden Boxes Raised Design Ideas

Garden Boxes Raised Design Ideas (51)

Raised bed gardening means growing plants in soil that’s higher than the ground. Most commonly, this is done with some type of enclosure or frame made of wood, stone, or even bales of hay or repurposed material like old dressers. Raised beds can be as humble or creative as you like. The initial cost in getting your raised bed set up will depend on how elaborate you make it, but once in place, raised beds are no more expensive to maintain than traditional gardens, and they offer a lot of benefits. The first advantage raised bed gardening offers over in ground gardening is being able to place your garden wherever you need it or even making it portable. Plants are often healthier and more productive in a raised bed because you can control the quality of the soil and water drainage. And don’t overlook the perk of not having to bend so far to tend the plants! If you build the sides wide enough, you can even sit and garden.

It’s not uncommon to include plants in containers on a patio, but you could just as easily incorporate a raised bed into the structure of your patio, with bricks or lumber. This provides a permanent spot for perennial plants to settle in and mature. The herb garden pictured here, designed by Miles Garden Design, certainly makes it easy to add extra seasoning to your dinner.


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