Backyards Garden Lighting Design Ideas

Backyards Garden Lighting Design Ideas (34)

Gardens are increasingly becoming multi-functional spaces that add to people’s living experience. Within these projects, whether you are dealing with sculptures, water features, dining terraces or paths, each element needs to be carefully considered and given its own lighting treatment in order to create a truly memorable setting.

I view lighting gardens as creating a little piece of theatre. It enhances the outside space and extends the perception of the interior. However, unlike the interior, which always has a general level of illumination, the night time garden can be viewed as a black canvas onto which you can decide what is seen and what is left in shadow. You can actually direct people through the landscape by the way it is lit. Lighting also offers a unique opportunity to present the space in an entirely new way than what is seen in daylight you can create a completely different garden at night.


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