55 Fantastic Farmhouse Lighting Design Ideas And Decor

55 Fantastic Farmhouse Lighting Design Ideas And Decor (49)

FARMHOUSE- Earlier lighting was considered portable, so any modern reproduction should suggest that simplicity. Many sconces, for example, were just a step up from an open flame candle, backed by a circular or square sheet of tin so highly polished you could see your reflection. The most common “pendant” was probably the lantern, which moved from indoors to outdoors (to be hung from a hook) at a moment’s notice.

As for chandeliers, few farmhouses laid claim to the brass armed or crystal draped beauties enjoyed by city dwellers of wealth and distinction. A more authentic choice for pride of place farmhouse lighting is a chandelier with an inventively shaped wood or tin body. Resulting in some of the finest examples of early American folk art, most of these “quintessentially Colonial” designs actually probably date to the early 19th century. Check out 55 Fantastic Farmhouse Lighting Design Ideas And Decor. Enjoyyyy


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