49 Elegant Living Room Decor Ideas

49 Elegant Living Room Decor Ideas (38)

Elegant decorating is an art form for it requires restraint. Some styles, such as country or farmhouse chic, are enhanced by a bit of clutter. Elegant decorating, however, requires a certain level of respectful taste, a sense of refinement and knowing when ‘enough is enough.’ Elegant should not be confused with stuffy or pompous. These living rooms show that your home can be elegant as well as comfortable.

This tastefully appointed living room is the ideal spot to unwind after a long day. The white sofa and matching arm chair are simply adorned with throw pillows and a blanket. The matching side tables are tastefully, but sparsely decorated with only the basic necessities. The arches of the exposed brick wall successfully and stylishly separate the kitchen from the living room.


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