20 Best Garage Storage Ideas

20 Best Garage Storage Ideas (9)

Garages have a tendency to become cluttered quickly, especially if it is larger than the space needed to park your car. It doesn’t take long either for stored items to pile up and take over any workspace you may have once had. Get organized (and find the weed killer when you need it) with these ingenious storage ideas.

Not only is a cluttered garage frustrating to look upon, it can also quickly become a breeding ground for unwanted critters, such as mice, spiders, and insects that prefer darker, unbothered spaces. Getting your garage organized not only helps keep it cleaner and provide good air circulation, the spaces you open up can be utilized for so much more than storage. Organizing a garage isn’t a one-size-fits-all project, so we’ve compiled some of our best garage storage ideas. Check out these tips to find ways to make your garage more organized and better to use.


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